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What readers are saying about "Howl of a Thousand Winds"

"It gets you from the get go!...Fast and exciting read!"

"I was transfixed, transformed, scared, hopeful, sad, moved... I found myself worrying about the characters when I was not reading, and I have already seen the movie made of this book, in my mind...a wonderful blend of his own style with dashes and pinches of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Lee Child.  The formulation of characters and the moving back and forth between story lines was well executed and kept the story well paced."
-Susan Bergstrom

"Howl of a Thousand Winds is a must read."
-Darla Lauer

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Howl of a Thousand Winds


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Award-winning weekly humor column by Morris Workman

Last Will and Testament of Morris Workman
(Nov. 5, 2012)

Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to mark the passing of a friend and neighbor:

Morris Workman

Oh, the fat guy in suspenders isn't dead (yet).  I'm just passing on...to another state.

After 11 years in the desert, eight right here in Mesquite, my family and I are leaving for greener pastures the end of November.  And that's not a euphemism.  Pastures don't get any greener than those you'll find in Washington state.

I could get all maudlin and sad, offering vignettes of past columns, but that's boring and bordering on nothing better than a rerun.

I wouldn't want to go out like that.

Instead, I'd like to offer up my last will and testament, bequeathing a few things, including some nuggets of wisdom I've collected over the years.

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A weekly action serial novel

Episode 23: Water

Piles of hamburgers lay untouched on the trays, appetites evaporated by the grisly scene played out just moments ago.  The line quickly dissipated.
"C'mon," Devin whispered to his compatriots.  "We need to eat.  It might be a while before we see food again."
As the small band of five headed to the trays near the end of the gym, they were greeted by hard stares from those all around.
"They're blaming us for that guy getting killed," Dina said in a low voice.
"They're wrong," Bear replied, offering the response in a louder tone than was necessary, wanting the glaring survivors to hear it.
The group quickly gathered the unbunned burgers and orange juice and found an empty spot near the double doors leading to the locker room.  That empty spot quickly got bigger as others moved away.
"They're shouldn't be mad at us," Dina said once everyone had settled onto the floor. 
"They aren't," Devin answered.  "Not really."
"I've seen it over and over," Bear said.  "People mad at something they can't control, can't influence, can't punch, so they take it out on the innocents around them.  It's like a twisted version of domestic violence.  Husband gets pissed about being broke, about being fired, about being picked on, about an indifferent government.  Nothing tangible he can smack, so he unhinges the first time his old lady says something brutal and incendiary, like 'how was your day?'"
"You'd never get the bastard to admit that's how it went," Squeak added.  "And these people will never get it, if you tell them until your hair falls out."

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T.J. Donnelly
Betty Haines
Don Hendon
Judy Leinberger
Charles Loomis
Michael McGreer
J.L. Myers
Geraldine Zarate


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"Howl of a Thousand Winds"
by Morris Workman

Another powerful snowstorm is moving across the country, once again triggering news reports of death and destruction in its wake -- a grieving young woman is found dead in the woods; a disabled fireman mysteriously dies in his back yard.  But is it Mother Nature taking lives...or something more sinister?

For Brad Connerman, a list-making insurance agent whose world is already spiraling downward, the terrifying answer may cost him a friend, along with everything he thought he knew about death and what lies beyond.

Meanwhile, AP reporter Micah Roaz searches for the truth in a cross-country journey that will force him to reconcile the ancient myths of his rejected Native American heritage with surprising clues offered by modern science.

Both men will soon face their own mortality.

And what comes with the snows...

"Morris Workman's first novel is sure to thrill -- and chill... a force to be reckoned with!...It is one beast of a tale."  -Sunbury Press

Howl of a Thousand Winds was the number one best seller on the Sunbury Press Bestseller List for the months of April and May.

"Howl of a Thousand Winds, novelist Morris Workman's debut horror novel, took the top spot in print thanks to advance sales."  -PR Log  


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